Friday, September 17, 2010

If rain on your wedding day is good luck......

So yesterday while you all were on watching reruns of America's Got Talent and The Biggest Loser I had the honor of photographing the wedding of Kyle and Amanda. What a wild day to say the least. We have all heard the saying that rain is good luck on your wedding day, so what does a Tornado warning mean? Yes I am serious, just as we were ready to head out to the Buckeye Stadium to take photographs on the field (Kyle and Amanda are both Alumni) The tornado sirens were going off and the weather turned bad. But with a determined couple we pressed on anyway...I loved that about them! Determined not to miss her shot Amanda went full speed in the rain in her gown onto the field. We were given a very nice bonus when Archie Griffin (I had to look at my notes to get the name right...I do not know ANYTHING about the buckeyes or football) anyway, he came onto the field and took a quick shot with our bridal party. After playing in the rain it was time to go back and get married...the wedding and reception were both held at BoMA. It is an AWESOME spot for an event. What a wondeful way to spend a is a little peek of my new favorite couple.

She is FAST on those heels.
Can you see the rain?

The Tornado Warning from the Weather Channel.

A son is NEVER too old for a kiss from his Momma.

The shot with Archie.

Just so you all know how windy it was. :)

The Buckeye Stadium entrance
I had to show you all the double rainbow we got after the storm left. This was taken through the window of the party bus. THAT is good luck for sure!