Sunday, August 1, 2010

I may not have shot Chelsea Clinton's wedding on Saturday....but I got the next best thing

So this past Saturday the country seemed to be enamored with the wedding of Chelsea Clinton...I will be honest and say I don't know the name of her new husband so that is why it is not on here. :) Obviously I was NOT one of the people following the story...why did I not care...maybe because I had my own wedding to shoot. I had the honor of photographing the wedding of Hilary Mock to her new husband Kevin VanderMolen...(notice I know the names of the IMPORTANT grooms. ) haha
Anyway....the day was perfect...the weather was wonderful and the bride and groom were awesome!
Couple of details to note...the dress may not have been a Vera Wang...but I think Hilary topped it by walking down the aisle in the dress that both her grandmother and mother take that Chelsea Clinton. She then changed into her own gown for the party. Two wedding dresses was a first for was awesome.
I don't know how Bill's speech went...but there was NO WAY it was better than the speech given by Hilary's dad. I was shooting through some tears during that one. And the father/daughter dance was AWESOME.
Here are a few pics to share of their day. Enjoy!

There were 4 little ones in the ceremony...after the wagon was pulled down the aisle they went to the back of the church for a little snack during the rest of the ceremony....he was so much happier to have his shirt and tie off...I just couldn't help but snap this.

The father daughter dance

The reception was at the Mulhauser barn in West Chester.

This one is soo funny to me. All four screaming at once. I love the little ones. :)This is Hilary and Kevin seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony. The look on Hilary's face is just full of love and adoration.

Kevin and his niece before the ceremony.
Here she is getting all dolled up. :)