Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last weekend I did a wedding for Jessica and Jonathan. They are high school sweethearts (Isn't that romantic!)They were married in West Chester at a church I attended as a child. We did not realize that until I showed up for the wedding . The reception was also in West Chester at the Mariner's Inn. I am including pictures of the ring bearer and the flower girl because I thought they were too cute! So I just had to show you all how cute they were. I am also including pictures of the garter toss, because I thought it was hilarious how excited this guy was to catch the garter. That much enthusiasm is not something I normally see from the guys. Anyway, Hope you enjoy the pics :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

This Weekend

This Saturday I spent the day with Robyn and Spencer. Robyn happened to be one of the few brides ever to be on time! When she said she would be ready at 2:00, she was actually ready at 2:00. WOW! She was so easy to work with and all 12 of her bridesmaids were as nice as she was. We spent the afternoon at her parents for pictures and then it was off to the church. The rececption was held at the Woodlands. They had a great time on the party bus while they were riding from place to place. That thing was huge! It could have held an additional bridal party! I wish them the best and I hope they continue to give each other "high fives" (you had to be there) for the rest of their lives!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sarah and David

So today's posts are from a recent wedding I did here in Lebanon. It was at a local bread and breakfast called the Hatfield Inn and it was awesome! Sarah and David made this day so much fun to be at. The wedding party was lots of fun and they all looked they they were having a great time at the reception! The good time may have been helped by the moonshine I saw being passed around by a few of the groomsmen. HAHA. The food was catered by a local company, Stengle's catering. I don't normally get a chance to eat, but their wonderful staff made sure a got a quick bite and they even brought me dessert. I would like to say their food was awesome!!! If your are looking for a caterer, give a call.

Thanks to Sarah and David for letting me capture their day.